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The Road Less Traveled

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Learning to trade is a journey. Not only is it a journey of process in terms of learning what exactly you are looking for to place a trade, it is a journey of self-discovery. Trading will bring the best and worst out of you. You will likely discover a creative thinking side of yourself that you had not been previously utilizing (or at least not in the capacity that trading trading requires). You flaws will also come out much more clearly, there's no hiding your individual flaws in trading.

Two Roads

When retail traders set out to become traders it is important to realize there are two basic approaches to learning to trade.

The first is learning someone else's system to trade. In this approach a teacher will give you basic market movements along with some qualified "set-ups" for trading. They will tell you "trade here" and "not there." The fact is that this is the type of education most people want and there are plenty of "educators" out there willing to give it. People want the prospect of being able to make money trading immediately, whether or not people actually make money is a different story. After all why waste time studying intricate details of markets if you can make money now.

The second approach generally involves finding an educator who will teach you market principles. The principles will start out general and become more specific as the student progresses in their knowledge. The teacher rarely gives exact entry set-ups but is more focused on helping the student recognize good risk reward opportunities. This is not to say that the teacher will not give ideas about how to enter a market, but rather that the focus of the training is to help a student progress in their understanding of how markets move in a variety of contexts without giving a 1,2,3 trade entry system. It should be noted that the second method of learning often takes significant time to master or become competent in, but it also serves the trader much better in the long run.

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