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Stock Market Quotes

Good trading is the confluence of discipline, preparation, money management, and self-awareness


No traders become consistently profitable over time without a disciplined approach to markets. Keeping oneself and one’s trading methodologies disciplined over time is essential to trading success. At Market Blueprint Trading, we offer several examples of structured discipline for approaching consistently over time to help you organize yourself and your trading for success. 


Success over the long term requires a trader to know and understand their edge. An edge can be defined as what gives a trader an advantage over other market participants in given market conditions. Much of a trader’s edge is found through skill development, learning how certain markets move the way they do and being able to anticipate market moves that offer asymmetric risk reward opportunities before they happen. At Market Blueprint Trading our goal is not to provide you with a system of trading, but rather to provide you with principles and ideas about how markets move so that, over time, as you develop your own trading skill you can make trading decisions on your own without being dependent on anyone 

Money Management

An edge is not enough, you must combine your trading edge with sound money management principles. While there are likely an infinite number of approaches to trading, they all must be combined with sound risk/reward techniques. Our goal is not to give you risk/reward rules but to provide principles to help aid you in your understanding of risk so that you can develop your own risk guidelines that fit your style of trading


In order to be successful at trading you must become very self-aware. What things cause you emotional pain and frustration that leak into your trading? Are you trading a methodology that is reflective of who you are? Again our goal is not to provide you with a strict system of trading but rather to educate you in how markets move so that you can learn to make your own decisions. Along with that you can develop your own trading methodology that fits who you are, rather than trying to make yourself fit someone else’s style of trading

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